Campaign Sign

We want your help!

Can you put up lawn signs? Drop off pamphlets?

Get involved in making your City a better place!

Please contact me for more information.


Do you want your City to have balanced budgets? Does my message align with your vision for what our City could be?

Please consider supporting my campaign, any amount is appreciated.

Your donation goes towards posters, the campaign website and advertising to help get our message out to voters.


Campaign MugGrab a mug, support our campaign!

Our team now has these simple and elegant mugs available for sale; proceeds support our campaign financially and it will show your friends that you love the Downtown.


Take a mugshot selfie! When you grab a mug, take your best mugshot selfie and share on Twitter (#dufourssm), Instagram (#dufourssm) or Facebook. Share on your page and our page at www.facebook.com/lukedufourssm and we’ll put your name in a draw for some cool swag!


Pick up a mug today!  We’ll even drive one over if you live in the Sault. The cost is $20 and $15 goes towards signs, pamphlets, website and design expenses.


Get a Lawn Sign

If you would like a lawn sign please contact me and we will come and set one up on your property in Ward 2.

Byelection Day

Advance voting in the Ward 2 byelection will take place on Saturday, January 16 and Wednesday, January 20 at City Hall. Election day is Monday February 1st, 2016.


Please contact me through this link if you need a Voter Registration Form or a Proxy Voting Form.


Wish to Donate or Volunteer?


Please send me a message!